We are professional architects, so the whole design&contruction process, you can control even being remote.

Design work - is an important first step in construction process of any structures or creating individual interior. On the stage of project, it is developing architecture and object design, functioning and ergonomics of the object, as well as constructive solutions

Such works should be trusted to experienced professionals, who are able to embody your ideas in the project and create an individual project.

An important advantage of our team has become a great (varied) range of services and extensive experience not only in design and project work of private objects (houses, apartments, offices), but also large public and urban objects.

Design and project work is not only a number of high-quality visualizations, but also the opportunity to take a virtual walk through your future object. You do not need to buy unnecessary things, which will not fit in your future interior, because each thing will be provided for the project.

Creating a project of your dreams significantly accelerate performance construction works. Moreover you do not need for processed during repair and decorating works, because all work will be provided for your project.

Really unique interior can be created only by professional designers and architects with extensive work experience and specialized education.

Services we provide


Private house designing


All kind interior designing


Business buildings designing


Designing civil&cultural buildings

Finished objects

SKD–GROUP company works on the market in construction sphere 20 years. Our team (group) this is experienced professionals, who have all necessary to work with demanding customer
as qualification, reputation and unique
work experience.

Regional Library | 2005

City Palace of Culture | 2008

hall of TradeCommerce Chamber | 2012

hall of TradeCommerce Chamber | 2012

Private house in Poland | 2015

Private house in Poland | 2015

Private house | 2005

Private house | 2005


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