Our craftsmen - are professional artists who have appropriate professional education in the best schools.

One of the activities of our company its decorative works. .
For decorating we are using latest materials, technologies and designs, but the basis for our work traditional, classic and environmentally friendly materials.

Our approach to decorating works this not only disclosure creativity of our artists, but also aesthetic and emotional enrichment customers. Furthermore, to create a space that should not only be comfortable, functional and convenient, but also beautiful
and full of sense. Sense that should be a continuation of personality, image, style and character of owners, and give pleasure to sight.



  • gildgin

  • painting

  • furniture

We are producing artificial stone that is composed of ecologically clean materials. It has expressive and attractive figuration and it is pleasant to the touch.

Our stones can be used in interior and outside, for example, on facades of buildings

Аlso can be made any architectural elements of different sizes and complexity "lux" range separate offered artificial stones

Which are producing our specialists exclusively by hands, each individual element from this range have its own individual surface picture and not repeated in any other element.

Works on gilding have origins of ancient historical times.

Our specialists possess almost all classical technologies gilding works, but also we are using latest materials in our works.

We have decorated gilding in 18 churches and 12 public institutions, as well as more than 50 private customers.

The most common technology of gilding works it is a gold leaf and our specialists have it perfectly at the highest professional level

Painting from ancient times decorated places, where a human lived. It was firstly art which man has begun.

We have professional experience in execution of works on painting in different complexity and in various styles. Our specialists are professional artists, who have appropriate professional education from the best institutions.

During the existence of the company we have acquired experience of performance art works for private customers like monumental (public institutions, theaters and churches)

as well as easel and decorative (themed/genre paintings, stained glass, mosaic works and sculpture). Furthermore, we are doing and offering bold experiments in the style Street art (graffiti).

Furniture is one of the most important details of any interior and apartment.

We manufacture furniture and deal to “aesthetic tuning” of it in various styles from classic to hi-tech or kitsch. We will do the appearance of furniture the most interesting and even fantastic. It will make your interior the most attractive or the most extraordinary.

We consider that today furniture is looks not only like as a matter of utilitarian use, but as well as a thing which mirrors peculiarity, character and lifestyle of the owner. Sometimes furniture itself tell us about the owner and it is his business card.

We have interesting examples and we propose creative solutions for your furniture that will give it as a new meaning and life itself.

Services we provide


Artificial stone


Architectural elements


Interior elements


Gold leaf




Easel painting


The monumental painting


Furniture design


Designing interior elements

Finished objects

SKD–GROUP company works on the market in construction sphere 20 years. Our team (group) this is experienced professionals, who have all necessary to work with demanding customer
as qualification, reputation and unique
work experience.

Office of private companies | 2009

Balustrade auditorium | 2013

Furniture, private apartment | 2015

Decoration of private house | 1996

Private house in Poland | 2015

Private house | 2008

Decoration of private house | 2009

Decoration of private house | 1996


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